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Welcome to Founder, CEO About us page and here you will get one step closer to us. You will be getting to know me and Myhealthbiz blog more closely and probably after reading this, you might like to join us on various social networking sites. This page will be about me (Agu Justus) and Myhealthbiz. I will not be talking about How I started and How I make money with Myhealthbiz, as we have already covered it earlier. So, lets jump into some of the background information.

Hi! I am Agu Justus: Welcome to Myhealthbiz website and let me introduce myself to you. Like any other, I’m a normal guy who is passionate about Computing, Good health, Blogging and Internet. I’m Agu Justus a student of Public Administration by education a Blogger by profession and Blogging is my passion. You will find my mostly writing about Health and Medical Info. I am not a certified SEO consultant but i spend a lot of time to learn SEO Tips And Techniques Completely.

Beginning Of Myhealthbiz blog:

In August 4′ 2018 Justus Launched his Second blog on Myhealthbiz which is now serving many of quality articles daily. He study Public Administration in a qualified polytechnic. Here at Myhealthbiz I share tips which I learned over time about Medical and Health tips  and how to live a healthy and normal life. I make a living out of Blogging. Apart from writing on Blogs I offered other services and life health coaching. But now, I makes money by working from home. Sitting in front of computer and writing what I enjoy writing. Communicating and Sharing to the world have been my passion since I was a child and after few blogs and communities on helping the world I started with full-time blogging via MYHEALTHBIZ.


I love long drive and long travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I also like to visit historical place and know about more on history. I also love to attend medical class and learning more about medincine and health. I like to talk stuff related to Marketing, Career Guide and Advice, Affiliate Marketing, Celebrity Talk, Educational Talks, News Info and most importantly Healthline guidances. If you share the similar qualities, feel free to join me on Facebook.


Best Daily Healthcare services and many more. In coming days on Myhealthbiz we write best Naija Health Solutions and by categories. Myhealthbiz primarily focuses on Blogging and Health tips. We talk about health aspect of Life and how anyone can live a better life and take the right drugs from home.

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